What is it ?
ExitToLive is a social network and a free website to organize trips and meetings between nearest persons. It provides also an event management. Meet people and share your activities with friends or nearest people. Discover places of interest and events around you near your home or anywhere else in the world. It's now easy to meet people and make new friends !

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  • 600.000 events indexed !

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How does it work ?

How does it work ? It's simple in 4 steps :

  • Section «Friendlies»
  • Subscribe & Connect   Create or join an outing   Meet your friends or new faces near your location   Maintain and increase your circle of friends
  • Section «Event Planning»
  • Subscribe & Connect   Check the calendar of events and registered establishments   Take part in events that suit you   Be informed of upcoming events

Places of interest :

Places of interest :
  • Places of interest are by definition : bars, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, places, artists, painters, paint shops, antique dealers, musicians, singers, nightclub, nightclub, cabaret, theater, museums, monuments, shows, entertainment, group dance, musical theater, contemporary dance, comedians, actors, sports clubs, sports clubs, gyms, club games, billiards club, charity, club meetings , singles nights, meeting places and spiritual relaxation centers, SPA, Sauna, nature clubs and discovery, skydiving, hiking ...
  • Amateurs and professionals can reference their establishments or places of business to promote their upcoming events, activities and outings. Simply create a page on ExitToLive !
  • Members of ExitToLive can access to places of interest near them by address and geographical location.

Features and benefits:

Website entirely free

In fact some websites announce that they are free, but once you are registered, the main features are disabled, so you have to pay to enjoy... So we remind you that this site is entirely free and without surcharges or hidden charges !

Upcoming events

Events are classified under several categories : movies and cinema showtimes, shows, theaters, concerts, dance, sport, culture and exhibitions. You will be informed of these in a very intuitive way !

Explorer mode

With the Explorer view of ExitToLive, explore new horizons, new cities, exits and cultural events in other countries and/or cities... Be informed about what is happening elsewhere that your surroundings !

Synchronize your calendar

Now don't miss appointments, outings, or important events... You will be alerted a few days in advance of a concert, a trip etc ...

Places of interest & trip suggestions

Imagine you just sit in a city only recently but have no idea of the brands around you, places of interest will remedy this, the site will offer restaurants, supermarkets, bars ect... It will suggest outing depending on your taste in music, film, art etc...

Thematic classification

No More confusion is possible, all outings and evenings are properly classified by theme. This will simplify your life and your friends to invite them hassle-free !

Easy management

Outing management and friends is really easy and not complicated, you will not receive any intrusive invitation to an event.

Any age group

Whether you're a teenager, young adult, adult, or senior ... It will meet your expectations, and suggests you outings ideas depends on your age (soon).

Mobile applications

Manage your outing and your invitations directly from your mobile, you're at work, home, or elsewhere, do not miss your appointments and future events or current events in few clicks !